Our Practice

Integrative medicine blends evidence-based complementary therapies with conventional medical care in a safe and effective way that promotes healing and wellness.  I work with adults and children who seek a comprehensive personalized approach to their medical conditions.iStock_000005697104Small_sm_borderDuring a visit, we talk together about your specific concerns, health challenges and your goals for integrative treatment.  The time spent in conversation is integral in understanding who you are on a mind-body-spirit level, and in crafting an integrative treatment plan that focuses on your strengths and goals.   An individualized treatment plan is then custom-designed that addresses mind/body/spirit care, and includes evidence-based integrative approaches that are safe and effective along with your conventional (Western) medical care.

I am originally trained in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, and am very comfortable working alongside conventionally (Western) trained physicians.  I often provide an integrative medicine “team approach” with patients’ established healthcare providers and specialists if they desire.  This has enormous benefits.  By serving as a “bridge” between you and your conventional medical team, I keep your providers informed of your evidence-based integrative treatment plan and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Conventional medical care may have many stages of treatment, depending on the condition being treated.  By my having a collaborative working relationship with other providers, your integrative treatment plan can be modified safely, allowing you to have the “best of both worlds” with a health and healing focus on you throughout your medical care.An integrative medicine treatment plan may include a variety of therapies and suggestions depending on what is appropriate and deemed safe and effective for the individual person.

Some people come with specific questions they would like addressed; others seek integrative approaches for specific medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, ADD/ADHD or diabetes.  Some may seek integrative options for use during or preparation for a specific procedure or surgery. Your treatment plan is individualized for your needs.An integrative medicine consultation may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Evaluation and recommendations of complementary/integrative therapies
  • Individualized counseling for lifestyle and nutrition recommendations
  • Individualized recommendations for supplements/vitamins/herbs and other natural products, including checking for drug/supplement/herb interactions
  • A physical examination
  • A comprehensive written integrative treatment plan
  • Communication with and formal consultation plan sent to your healthcare provider(s)/specialists if requested
  • Use and teaching of Mind-Body Medicine therapies if appropriate
  • Use of osteopathic Strain-Counterstrain manual medicine technique if appropriate
  • Referral to other appropriately credentialed providers for therapies not provided by Dr. Park (e.g. acupuncture)